Tackling antimicrobial resistance on ten fronts
Antimicrobial R&D is not attractive to venture capitalists
Lowering demand for antimicrobials and reducing unnecessary use
Increasing the supply of antimicrobials to keep up with rising resistance
We need to use existing antimicrobials better
Market entry rewards would have a powerful impact on antibiotic R&D
How a market entry reward for antibiotics would work
TB diagnostics and treatment for TB could save numerous lives
If not tackled, rising AMR could have a devestating impact
Life expectancy is longer where there is better sanitation
Poor infection control contributes to increased resistance and loss of life
Better water and sanitation reduces antibiotic consumption
Healthcare-associated infections are a concern in all countries
Resistant infections lead to higher death rates and are more expensive to treat
Hand hygiene is vital but adherence is low
How surveillance can improve health outcomes
Vaccines for bacterial infections in the pipeline
Vaccines can reduce antibiotic use in humans
Increasing coverage of vaccines can reduce antibiotic use
Alternative products to tackle infections
A plan to overhaul the vaccine and alternative markets for AMR
There is a high correlation between antibiotic use and resistance
Animals in the USA consume more than twice as many medically important antibiotics as humans
Most published papers provide evidence to support limiting use of antibiotics in agriculture
Most antibiotics used in animals are medically important for humans
Antibiotic use in agriculture varies greatly by country
How antimicrobials reach the environment
A plan to reduce drug resistance from food and pharmeceutical production
How animals can pass on resistant bacteria
How sub-standard antimicrobials contribute to drug resistance
Rapid Diagnostics would reduce unnecessary prescription
New rapid diagnostics would optimise treatment
How a $1bn diagnostic market stimulus could work
Bacterial diagnosis have not kept up with medical innovation over the last 70 years
What rapid diagnostics could test
There is a high correlation between antibiotic use and resistance
A plan to overhaul diagnostic development
Cumulative Profits from Antibiotic Research
Antibiotics in the Pipeline or Recently Licensed
A Plan to Overhaul Antibiotic Discovery
The AMR Innovation Fund is Affordable

Comparative deaths

Cumulative GDP loss

World map

Applications per vacancy for US medical residencies and fellowships

Doctors' annual pay for working on infectious Disease and HIV
Long term solutions to drug-resistant infections
US National Institute for Health research spending 2010-2014

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